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Jesus Christ Drawings

Christian Artwork Gallery

Welcome! Use the above menu to browse this online gallery with drawings of Jesus Christ the Messiah, The Son of God.

God (YHVH, Yahveh) sent His firstborn son to save and restore His link with mankind. With His resurrection, "Yeshua" (Jesus) did so. Jesus is our savior, redeemer, shepherd, protector, brother, prince and lord, the chief messenger and Word of God. Glory be to God the Almighty, the Most High!!
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Resurrected Jesus
Oct 9, 11
Visit the Pinups page to see a new pencil drawing of our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, as He walks through the torn veil of the temple.

Several Images Now Available as Prints or in Products
May 14, 10
Several portraits and comic book pages depicting the Lord Jesus Christ can now be ordered as prints or are available as select products like mouse pads, clothing, mugs, or posters via ArtWanted.com

Images include:
> Jesus Crown of Thorns
> Jesus the Peacemaker
> Signs of the End of the Age
> The Rich and the Kingdom of God

The Rich Young Man
Aug 9, 09
Writer Alex Shearer and myself created in 2007 an eight-page graphic novel about the "Rich Young Man" story found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

Click here to see page 1

The initial idea was to paint it and then publish it, but so far only one page has been painted, so I decided to edit, letter, and publish it as is (in pencils).

About the drawings, I used actor James Cavaziel (who plays Jesus in Mel Gibson's "The Passion" movie) as reference to portrait the young man, and actor Robert Powell (who plays Jesus in the 1977 "Jesus of Nazareth" movie) as reference to portrait Jesus.

Some parts of the graphic novel are ficticious like the young man's name, Ashir Ben Heman. But Jesus' speaches, or His conversation with Ashir, are reproduced from the Scriptures. The commentaries on the last page are based on articles found in BibleGateway.com

The idea behind this work is to present the Word of God in a special way for people of all ages using the comic book format. We hope you enjoy it. You may send your comments or questions to webmaster@drawingsofjesus.com

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New Drawing: Jesus with 3 kids
Aug 3, 09
A remake of "Jesus holding baby 2", but here the Lord is shown with 3 kids: two girls, and a boy, from different ethnic groups, see it in the Pinups page.

New Drawings of the Lord
Mar 1, 09
Two new drawings were added to the Pinups page. The first one is a drawing of the Lord with little people he said let them come to me. And the second one is entitled "Jesus: Light in the Dark".

(Spotlight Drawing)
Weekly Spotlight Artwork Sample by Jesus Christ

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